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Coral reefs in peril from record-breaking ocean heat

NOAA Coral Reef Watch version 3.1 data as annual plots (1985–2023) of the daily percentage of ocean pixels with Degree Heating Weeks (DHW) ≥ 4 (when coral bleaching is likely to occur) for latitude 5° S to 30° N and longitude 60° W to 105° W (study region displayed in map inset). Note that around

Protecting boreal plant species is a critical part of reconciliation efforts

Labrador Tea is one of the boreal plants that are classified as pests or weeds. The plant is important to Indigenous communities for its healing properties. Credit: J. Baker, Author provided Labrador Tea, fireweed, chokecherry and raspberry are some of the boreal plants that are classified as weeds by the Canadian Weed Science Society. These

Climate warming pits geese against farmers in Finland

There is harsh competition for arable land between the geese and farmers. With a cacophony of honks sounding like a hailstorm, tens of thousands of hungry geese blanket a lush green field in Finland with their black flocks. “There’s probably around 20 to 30 hectares behind me, it is easily eaten in a day,” cattle

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