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How Many Tracks Will Be Eliminated by Spotify’s 1,000-Play Minimum? Now We Have a Number

How many tracks will cease generating recording royalties under Spotify’s new 1,000-stream minimum? North of 150 million, according to 2023 consumption data. Spotify formally unveiled its retooled royalty model (and plans for an early 2024 implementation) in November, setting in motion far-reaching revenue consequences for labels…Read More

Amazon Layoffs Will Impact Audible Division Too, Leaked Email Reveals

Amazon is looking to downsize various divisions, with Prime Video & Twitch layoffs announced yesterday. Now a leaked email reveals the Audible division is impacted, too. No word yet if this extends to Amazon Music or not. An internal email obtained by Business Insider reveals that 5% of the Audible workforce will be let go…Read

Prager Metis Seals ‘Strategic Pairing’ with Goldsmith Molis & Gray

Accounting and advisory firm Prager Metis announces a ‘strategic pairing,’ a partnership with Goldsmith Molis & Gray, a partnership bolstering its presence in North Carolina while expanding its services. Leading accounting and advisory firm Prager Metis has joined forces with Goldsmith Molis & Gray for a partnership that bolsters the former’s presence in North Carolina

NFL Ratings Just Hit an 8-Year High — Thanks to Taylor Swift

The NFL just hit an 8-year ratings high, thanks in no small part to Taylor Swift’s attendance at Kansas City Chiefs games to support boyfriend Travis Kelce. Taylor Swift’s attendance at several Kansas City Chiefs games in support of boyfriend and tight end Travis Kelce has had a rippling effect across her fan base and

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