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Salt, microbes, acid and heat in food preservation

Rhizopus spores, from the genus of fungi used in the production of soy ferments. Source: Wikimedia commons In an era of grocery stores and home refrigerators, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that, for most of history, people have been bound by the seasonality of food. This reality has long presented humanity

Increased threat of conflict enhances mongoose pup survival: Study challenges long-held belief on reproductive success

Mongoose pups. Credit: Josh Arbon Animal offspring may survive better when their groups are in greater conflict with rival factions, research from the University of Bristol has shown for the first time. Battles between competing groups can lead to serious injury or death, and intergroup conflict has always been thought to have a negative effect

Game Mess Mornings 09/22/23

Grubb and Tam break down a grip of Ubisoft news like The Division 3 being revealed, as well as more Unity updates and another Lord of the Rings game…Read More

Whale of a debate put to rest

Image of caperea and blue whale, comparison. Credit: Carl Buell Researchers have finally settled a decades-long dispute about the evolutionary origins of the pygmy right whale. The smallest of the living baleen whales, it’s tank-like skeleton is unique, and its ecology and behavior remain virtually unknown. Because it is so unusual, the evolutionary relationships of

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