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The Finals matchmaking issues explained

If you have been playing The Finals — or attempting to — since it was launched, you have probably noticed a lot of server and matchmaking issues. Here’s what’s going on and how to solve it. The Finals features incredibly fast and intense gunplay and satisfyingly destroyable buildings…Read More

The Finals server issues and how to solve them

The Finals had a hype release when it was surprisingly launched after The Game Awards 2023. The fast-paced, demolition-focused shooter has exciting gameplay but that’s only if you can get in. A lot of gamers have started complaining about an abundance of server issues in The Finals…Read More

Escape From Tarkov: Arena release date

Fans of the survival extraction game Escape From Tarkov have been anxiously waiting for Escape From Tarkov: Arena. Now, the closed beta is almost here. Does that mean there is finally a release date for the game? Escape From Tarkov: Arena takes the same gritty and realistic feel of EFT but removes the extraction goal

Major soy producers announce improved deforestation commitments—with caveats

Some of the world’s largest soy producers have announced improved commitments to stopping deforestation in vulnerable biomes throughout South America. But despite the improvements, the commitments might still not be enough to meet international climate goals, critics said. Eight soy producers published a statement last week committing to halting deforestation in the Amazon…Read More

Bird-watching offers potential for conservation & economy in Colombia’s Guaviare

The meeting took place behind closed doors one September afternoon in San José del Guaviare, the capital of the department of Guaviare, in Colombia’s central-south region. Five men sat around discussing, surrounded by maps of the department, photos of protected areas and dozens of drawings of Japanese anime characters on sticky notes…Read More

The ex-shark fishermen teaching schoolkids how to protect the environment

LOMBOK, Indonesia — Suhardi, 43, glides across a technicolor coral garden. Freediving down to the seafloor, he scoops up a handful of sand that he sprinkles over the reef. The reef becomes a blur of color as reef fish scurry from all four corners to see what delicacies can be found among the falling grains…Read

Rural finance in the Pan Amazon: the Brazil success case

The agricultural producers of the Amazon have access to radically different levels of credit depending upon national policies, the willingness of each country’s financial services industry to engage rural populations and, most importantly, the scale of their production system. Brazil has the most sophisticated agricultural sector and…Read More

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