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How waves and mixing drive coastal upwelling systems

Credit: CC0 Public Domain They are among the most productive and biodiverse areas of the world’s oceans: coastal upwelling regions along the eastern boundaries of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. There, equatorward winds cause near-surface water to move away from the coast. This brings cold, nutrient-rich water from the depths to the surface, inducing the

Decongestion Of Apapa Port Begins As FG Launches Cargo Services On Apapa-Ibadan Rail

Decongestion of Apapa Port begins as FG launches cargo services along the Apapa-Ibadan rail corridor. Three coaches, consisting of 30 wagons, took off along the 157-kilometers rail corridor to Moniya in Ibadan. Minister of Transportation, Senator Saidu Alkali, on Tuesday flagoff the first cargo movement on the Lagos-Ibadan rail corridor…Read More

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