Camellia Ramage

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Analyzing cost and profitability of specialty coffee in Central America

Specialty-conventional (SC) and organic coffee cost production structure by activity (excluding overhead noncash costs) in Honduras and El Salvador. Credit: HortTechnology (2022). DOI: 10.21273/HORTTECH05028-22 In Honduras and El Salvador, coffee (Coffea arabica) is one of the leading agricultural exports, and the share of specialty coffee is growing each year. However, despite the importance of specialty

Wild Asian elephants display unique puzzle solving skills

A camera trap screenshot captured a bull elephant interacting with one of the puzzle boxes in the Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand. The configuration of the puzzle box is a push door at the top, pull door in the middle, and a slide door at the bottom. Credit: The Comparative Cognition for Conservation Lab, Dept of

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