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How to unlock the SDA Subverter in MW3 and Warzone

Season 2 of Call of Duty MW3 and Warzone is arriving soon and introducing four new weapons with it. One of those weapons is the SDA Subverter, which is the first post-launch battle rifle coming to either game. Described as a “hard-hitting rifle,” the SDA Subverter is said to “dominate at mid to longer ranges

Stewie2K CS2 settings: Crosshair, view model, more

Stewie2K cemented his place in Counter-Strike history when he helped Cloud9 become the first North American team to win a Major. If you want to use the same settings as this legend, here are Stewie2K’s CS2 settings, including his crosshair, view model, and more. If you’re a Counter-Strike fan…Read More

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