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Language AI Pioneer DeepL Targets APAC Businesses With Pro Translation Options

Tech employees in APAC know working in the region can involve struggles with language. While most cross-border business is conducted in English, there can still be difficulties communicating, which can lead workers to turn to offerings like Google Translate or ChatGPT for help. Jarek Kutylowski, founder and chief executive officer of DeepL. The same goes

Time for APAC Region to Build Its Own AI Foundation Models, Says CSIRO

Research conducted in 2023 by the Large European AI Models initiative found 73% of AI foundation models since 2017 were from the U.S. and 15% from China. It warned Germany was missing an AI “paradigm shift” that could “jeopardise Europe’s digital sovereignty.” The AI foundation model dominance of the U.S. and China is leading to

Learnings from Australian Health Insurer Nib’s Epic 9-Year Cloud Migration to AWS

Australian health insurer nib’s cloud migration started in 2015. However, it wasn’t until nine years later, in 2024, that it was able to complete the migration of 100% of on-premise workloads, 95% to Amazon Web Services and the remaining 5% to other cloud platforms. nib Chief Information Officer Brendan Mills said project prioritisation proved to

Tech Worker Salary Growth in Australia Has Normalised

IT workers in Australia are not too far past the pandemic to remember the upward surge in salaries it resulted in. As companies ramped projects back up after shelving them during 2020, suddenly the competition for tech skills and talent was back on in earnest, and salaries spiked. That grab for talent tapered off through

Cloud Cost Optimisation Tools Not Enough To Rein In ‘Uncontrolled’ Cloud Spending

APAC companies are struggling with wasteful cloud spending, according to a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting. Also, cloud cost management initiatives and tools are being introduced too late or without a full picture of their environment to be very effective. In the new study, commissioned by IPaaS provider Boomi in December 2023, it was

The Tech Needed to Survive This Decade’s ‘Seismic’ APAC B2B Trends

The business-to-business market will see a number of big changes in the years to 2030, according to a new report from customer experience firm Merkle. APAC regional B2B enterprises will need to consider their levels of investment in a number of technologies and integrating new tools now to prepare for and adapt to the coming

AI Deepfakes Rising as Risk for APAC Organisations

AI deepfakes were not on the risk radar of organisations just a short time ago, but in 2024, they are rising up the ranks. With AI deepfakes’ potential to cause anything from a share price tumble to a loss of brand trust through misinformation, they are likely to feature as a risk for some time.

Asia-Pacific Ransomware Threats Depend on Country and Sector, Says Rapid7

Raj Samani, Chief Scientist. Image: Rapid7 New research from cyber security firm Rapid7 has shown the ransomware attacks that IT and security professionals are up against in APAC are far from uniform, and they would be better off tapping intelligence that sheds light on attack trends in their specific jurisdiction or sector. Raj Samani, chief

Gartner Warns IAM Professionals Cyber Security Depends on Them

Australian identity access management professionals have been urged to entrench identity as a foundation of their organisations’ cyber security posture, as sub-par management of significant exposures, including machine identities, was putting many organisations at risk. Gartner VP analyst Felix Gaehtgens, speaking at Gartner’s Security & Risk Management Summit in Sydney, argued IAM practitioners should champion

Is Edge Computing Living Up to Its Promise in the Australian Market?

Edge computing is often predicted as a technology that will revolutionise enterprise computing in Australia. By capturing, processing, analysing and storing data at the edge, instead of a central location, its promises include fast real-time computing at the edge and less cost. While the edge is yet to live up to these promises, adoption is

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