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Neural network assisted high-spatial-resolution polarimetry with non-interleaved chiral metasurfaces

Working principle of the chiral metasurface based polarimetry. Credit: Light: Science & Applications (2023). DOI: 10.1038/s41377-023-01337-6 Polarimetry plays a key role in wide applications from remote sensing and astronomy to biology and microscopy. Traditional polarimetry systems are equipped with a set of polarizers, waveplates, beam-splitters or filters, making the systems bulky and complex. Metasurface, a

J. Robert Oppenheimer’s early work revolutionized the field of quantum chemistry, and his theory is still used today

J. Robert Oppenheimer speaking in Israel, 1966. Credit: Boris Carmi /Meitar Collection / National Library of Israel / The Pritzker Family National Photography Collection / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY The release of the film “Oppenheimer,” in July 2023, has renewed interest in the enigmatic scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer’s life. While Oppenheimer will always be recognized

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