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Key to solving Libyan conflict lies within the country, analyst says

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain The key to solving the Libyan political conflict lies within the country rather than with the international community, analysis says. Electoral and governance deadlock has been blamed for the devastating impact of the flooding in the country. The “contentment” of the political elite and others with the status quo—given the currently

Danica Patrick : L’état d’esprit des pilotes de F1 n’est ‘pas féminin’

Danica Patrick est la seule femme à avoir gagné en IndyCar, mais elle semble pourtant opposée à l’idée qu’une femme puisse être faite pour piloter en F1, ou en sport automobile de haut niveau. Un avis étonnant dont elle est pourtant le premier contre-exemple, aux côtés d’héroïnes du sport auto comme (…) – Formule 1…Read

Team uncovers plant remediation effects on petroleum contamination

Chris Kasanke, left, and Mary-Cathrine Leewis were part of the UAF research team led by microbiology professor Mary Beth Leigh that studied plant remediation of a site contaminated by petrochemicals. Their recently published study of the Fairbanks site revealed that initial choices about fertilization and seeding affected which plants and soil microbes were present two

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