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Is a Pennsylvania groundhog’s prediction accurate in your neck of the woods?

Credit: Aaron J Hill from Pexels Persuaded by pomp and pageantry, people across the nation are more likely to put faith in a Pennsylvania groundhog’s weather predictions than those made by local woodchucks, according to a national survey query made on behalf of a University of Virginia researcher. Thomas Guterbock, UVA sociology professor emeritus and

First Peoples’ knowledge of ‘mysterious fairy circles’ in Australian deserts has upended a long-standing science debate

Drone photograph of ‘fairy circles’ in spinifex on Nyiyaparli people’s country, east Pilbara, Western Australia. Credit: Dave Wells, Author provided What are “fairy circles”? They are polka dots of bare earth, regularly scattered across arid grasslands. Scientists first described fairy circles in Namibia in the 1970s and sparked a global debate in the scientific community…

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