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RPG Cast – Episode 668: “Nacho Chakotay”

Chris performs a ritual that needs more hands. Kelley has to clean just one more car. Ryan likes to think he can’t be replaced by Bing yet. And Jason just keeps yelling, “Barrel!” The post RPG Cast – Episode 668: “Nacho Chakotay” appeared first on RPGamer…Read More

RPG Cast – Episode 614: “The Burned Pirated Disc Is a Feature”

Kelley finds out that Alice is made of Lego. Josh asks if his cat even lifts, bro. Chris puts everything into the Final Fantasy XVI bucket. And everyone gets KEMCO shamed. The post RPG Cast – Episode 614: “The Burned Pirated Disc Is a Feature” appeared first on RPGamer…Read More

RPG Cast – Episode 607: “Extra Life 2021”

Chris dies a lot. Then some more. Then Kelley explains how digimon are vegan to Chris. Then Sam explains how books work to Chris (with a lot of cursing). Then Josh explains how birthmarks work to Chris. Then Anna Marie explains how cosplaying works to Chris…Read More

RPG Cast – Episode 598: “I Want an Ermine With Angry Eyebrows”

What’s the podcast trio been up to this week? Chris is now a punchy demi-fiend, Kelley muses if Scamper is part plumber, and Anna Marie campaigns on Hades for everyone. Also, stoats continue to be extremely cute. The post RPG Cast – Episode 598: “I Want an Ermine With Angry Eyebrows” appeared first on RPGamer…Read

Jussie Smollett Reunites With ‘Empire’ Showrunner Amid Legal Woes

Jussie Smollett’s legal troubles are far from over … but it looks as though he’s working overtime to get his career back on track. The troubled actor was seen reuniting with “Empire” showrunner Brett Mahoney … with the duo sharing a hug……Read More

Zac Brown Separates From Wife Kelly Yazdi After 4 Months of Marriage

Zac Brown is definitely out of the honeymoon phase — 4 months after he and Kelly Yazdi tied the knot, they’re now separated … TMZ has learned. Zac and Kelly tell TMZ in a joint statement, “We are in the process of divorce. Our mutual respect for……Read More

Tupac’s Alleged Killer Keefe D Too Dangerous for Bail, Prosecutors Say

The state of Nevada is pushing back on Duane “Keefe D” Davis’ request to be let out of jail ahead of the trial … because they insist Tupac Shakur’s alleged killer is just too dangerous. For those unaware, Keefe D’s lawyers asked a judge last week……Read More

Hammerin’ Harry for NES shows the lethal competition of the carpentry world

I have really been looking forward to Retro-Bit’s NES reissue of 1991’s Hammerin’ Harry. However, in retrospect, this is partially due to me getting it confused with Don Doko Don, a 1989 arcade game in Taito’s single-screen format. If I knew what I was thinking about…Read More

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