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Three ways climate change is pushing butterflies and moths to their limits

Credit: CC0 Public Domain In any competition, there are winners and losers. In the race to adjust to a changing climate, some butterflies seem to be doing well. But others, less so. The brown hairstreak has been reported to be doing well around London and the UK population has been stable since the 1980s. Meanwhile

Scientists knit futuristic eco-building designs using fungal networks

A 1.8m high, 2m diameter freestanding structure made of the BioKnit mycocrete using knitted formwork. Two people are sitting inside it. Credit: Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment. Scientists hoping to reduce the environmental impact of the construction industry have developed a way to grow building materials using knitted molds and the root network

Webb Telescope proves galaxies transformed the early universe

By analyzing new observations from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, a team led by Simon Lilly of ETH Zürich in Switzerland found evidence that galaxies that existed 900 million years after the big bang ionized the gas around them, causing it to become transparent. They also used Webb to precisely measure the gas around the

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