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Gods Unchained: All You Need To Know

Gods Unchained emerges as the epitome of the next generation in NFT trading card gameplay, seamlessly blending the allure of mythical gods and their diverse attributes through a collection of over 1,500 distinctive cards. The fervor traditionally confined to schoolyard TCG sessions and niche gatherings has now transcended borders…Read More

This handsome 32GB DDR5-6000 RAM kit is down to $90 at Newegg

DDR5 prices continue their continued downward spiral, today reaching a new low-water mark: $90 for a 32GB dual-channel kit of DDR5-6000 from G.Skill. That’s an awesome price for a spec that has emerged as the current sweet spot for DDR5-compatible AMD and Intel systems. Read more…Read More

Say hello and welcome to our new Reviews Editor, Ed Thorn!

Good news, folks. Today, I’m very pleased to announce our new Reviews Editor, and it’s our very own Ed Thorn! After spending two and a bit years flexing his typing arms as our senior staff writer, Ed will now be stepping up to wrangle our reviews section into bigger and better shape than ever before

Can You Play My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble Offline? Game Details and More

“My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble” has taken the gaming world by storm since its release on September 28, 2023. But can you play it offline? Or is it an online-only game? Unfortunately, for those hoping to enjoy “My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble” without an internet connection and is only available for on[…] Source…Read More

How to unlock characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble? All Systems Explained

My Hero Ultra Rumble is a fighting game based on the beloved anime My Hero Academia. The game features a roster full of popular characters from the show, but not all of them will be unlocked, and you’ll need to reach certain ranks before they can be played with[…] Source…Read More

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