Is age linked to the picture of the perfect partner?

Global distribution of heterosexual women (n = 17,245), who participated in the study. Credit: Adapted based on Laura Botzet et al., Human Nature, DOI: 10.1007/s12110-023-09460-4; licensed by CC BY 4.0 How do women picture the partner of their dreams? And how does this vary between women based on their age? A team of researchers led

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published in the journal Human Nature.

To answer the question of whether love knows no age, researchers from the University of Göttingen, Indiana University, and Queen’s University Belfast collaborated with the female health app CLUE to reach over 20,000 aged 18 to 67 years from nearly 150 countries via an online questionnaire. In addition to , this study also included two groups often neglected in : bisexual and .

Respondents were asked to rate how important attributes such as attractiveness, kindness and supportiveness, and success, as well as education and intelligence, were to them in their partner. They were also asked to specify the youngest and oldest ages they would be happy to accept in a romantic partner. Using rigorous methods, the role of age in partner preferences was thoroughly investigated in these three groups.

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