State of Cloud Security in Australia 2021

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Cloud computing continues to transform the way organisations operate, delivering agility, scale, cost, and innovative benefits. COVID-19 has accelerated the shift to digital technologies that were already underway. However, doing so has created new avenues for malicious attacks and misconfigurations.

Organisations need to understand the security implications associated with the benefits of cloud. This includes how to best prepare, securely manage the transition of secure workloads to the cloud, and then have assurance in ongoing cloud management.

This whitepaper provides executives with a new perspective on the state of cloud security in Australia. It leverages a large primary research study calibrated against global expertise and insights from Omdia’s global cyber security practice.

It concludes with specific recommendations to help CISO’s, IT directors, and other leaders responsible for cloud and cyber security within their organisation. We hope that the paper accelerates your journey to a secure cloud – balancing its benefits with security considerations.

Download this report now to get up to speed on these topics and more:

  • Cloud security on high alert. Why cloud security is a growing cause of concern.
  • Clo

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