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30 years of experience.

In the dynamic landscape of the tech industry, 30 years doesn’t merely symbolize endurance but is a testament to relentless innovation, resilience, and an unyielding commitment to technological advancement. When we delve into a journey embellished with professional law tech support, small business consulting, data destruction, and a myriad of other specialized skills, we’re not merely discussing longevity. Rather, we explore a rich tapestry of endeavors that have significantly influenced the realms of technology and business consultancy in intricate and profound ways.

What we can do

Small Business Support - Fortune 500 Experience

In the delicate corridors of the legal sector, where the confluence of technology and jurisprudence occurs, we have steadfastly provided 23 years of unparalleled law tech support. Legal technology, often at the crossroads of intricate challenges and nuanced technicalities, demands a specialized skill set, marrying legal understanding with technical acumen. By automating critical legal processes, enforcing data security, and implementing technology that safeguards confidentiality, we have seamlessly integrated technology into a domain historically resistant to it.


In the pulsating heart of our multi-faceted technological solutions, we proudly stand as a beacon of innovation and reliability, offering VOIP installations that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology with your business communication needs. Our endeavors do not merely stop at pioneering digital communication; they extend into a rich tapestry of various money-saving services designed meticulously to enhance your operational efficiency while safeguarding your financial prudence.

Server Installations - Maintenance Contracts

Our prowess in server installation extends beyond physical setups. We understand that in the digital realm, the server is the pulsating heart that ensures the smooth operation of enterprises. Thus, our approach envelops meticulous planning, nuanced understanding of organizational needs, and a seamless installation process that mitigates operational disruptions, ensuring businesses remain unhindered during such transitions.


SOAP Notes

enturing into the sensitive realm of therapeutic services, our unique program, SOAP Notes, has revolutionized operations within therapist offices. This is not merely a tool but a technological ally for therapists, ensuring that focus remains unwaveringly on patient care rather than administrative burdens. Our program, designed with a deep understanding of the therapist’s workflow, orchestrates a seamless and coherent structure for client notes, maintaining immaculate records without infringing upon the sacred therapist-client dynamic.

“They set up our network, phones, computers, website and helped us transition when we changed locations. They were patient, knowledgeable and thorough .”

Randy Flores

Office furniture of nY

“I consult with Hexbyte on technical matters, and am pleased with the work. He backed up my websites and helped me through issues.”

Lisa Rosman

CEO A/ramis

“Hexbyte takes care of many of our technological needs. .”

Diana G.

-Therapist Office Director

“.. We collaborate with Hexbyte on several endeavors, and continue to use their services!”

Logan Dobbs

Production DS

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