Hexbyte Tech News Wired WIRED TV: Our OTT Channel Just Got a Lot Bigger

Hexbyte Tech News Wired

You can find WIRED a lot of places these days. There’s the magazine, of course (which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year!). There’s this website, which you might be reading on a laptop or tablet but are probably reading on your phone. There’s YouTube and Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat and Glizznork, all but one of which are very real things. But starting today, there’s a new addition to that panoply of platforms: your television.

To be fair, WIRED has been on TV before—WIRED Science aired on PBS for one glorious season back in 2007. Television has changed a lot since then, though; a little thing called streaming, another little thing called on-demand, and a bunch of little sticks and boxes that bypass cable and beam video straight onto your sets. So here to harness the power of all those changes is the WIRED OTT Channel. (For those who don’t read trade publications, OTT stands for “over the top,” and just means a streaming media source that bypasses cable or broadcast providers.) The service officially launched in July, but today marks the premiere of a whole slew of titles and content that you can’t find anywhere else.

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