Hexbyte Tech News Wired Real or Fake: YouTube Sensations

Hexbyte Tech News Wired

YouTube: the platform that made it possible to get famous for videos other than sex tapes. Since its rise, aspiring influencers have performed amazingly stupid—and occasionally clever—stunts for a global audience. Can you tell which of these are legit? (Answers are at the bottom.)

Since 2009, Dude Perfect—five guys from Texas A&M—have spent their lives creating trick-shot videos with everything from basketballs to boomerangs and crossbows. Millions of subscribers have watched them break world records.

OR: JuanGTA, a Colombian Grand Theft Auto fiend, started out by posting videos of himself narrating backstories for in-game characters. In 2016, he landed a job as a Spanish-language writer for the franchise’s next installment, out in 2020.

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