Hexbyte Tech News Wired A ‘Scarily Simple’ Bug Put Millions of Cox Communications Customers at Risk

Hexbyte Tech News Wired

Cybersecurity researchers regularly disclose the bugs they find in different applications and websites across the internet. Sometimes, these vulnerabilities are incredibly complicated to exploit, evidence more of a researcher’s expertise than something the average consumer should worry about. In other scenarios, analysts find simple holes that a novice could use to steal information. This is a case of the latter.

Earlier this month, a duo of researchers discovered a dead-simple insecurity on the website for Cox Communications, an US cable and internet provider with around six million customers. The problem they discovered would have allowed attackers to take over user accounts and gain access to sensitive data like billing information. Cox Communications patched the previously unreported vulnerability after WIRED reached out, and there’s no evidence any customer information was compromised.

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