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Surface RT lives on —

Snapdragon 850 is Qualcomm’s first chip explicitly for PC form factors.

  • Samsung Galaxy Book2 from the front.


  • Samsung Galaxy Book2 from the side.


  • Samsung Galaxy Book2 from the side, without the keyboard.


  • Samsung Galaxy Book2 keyboard and pen close-up.


Samsung today announced the Galaxy Book2 (sic; the company has not put a space between the word and the number), a 2-in-1 tablet running Windows 10, powered by a Snapdragon 850 processor.

The first generation of Windows 10-on-ARM machines were roundly criticized for the performance of their Snapdragon 835 processors. The second generation of machines, however, uses the Snapdragon 850, a variant of the Snapdragon 845 that’s designed for the bigger batteries and higher power dissipation of laptops and tablets. This is widely hoped and expected to bring performance up to respectable levels.

This new tablet follows Microsoft’s Surface Pro design: a tablet with a kickstand, a detachable keyboard, an

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