Hexbyte – Tech News – Ars Technica | Roku’s Premiere players offer 4K HDR streaming, voice control starting at $39

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Nearly ubiquitous 4K streaming —

Roku’s latest mission: Making it easier and cheaper to find free and 4K content.

  • Roku’s new Premiere+ player comes with a voice remote.

  • The Premiere+ costs $49 and will be a Walmart exclusive.


  • The $39 Premiere player supports 4K and HDR content, but it doesn’t support voice control.


  • The Featured Free section on Roku devices gathers popular free content across all sources.


  • Voice controls support searching for free content.


Roku announced two new streaming devices today that sit in the middle of its device lineup. The Roku Premiere and Premiere+ set-top boxes are barely “boxes” at all; instead, they resemble the company’s streaming sticks more than any of its other devices.

If you took the Roku Ultra, the company’s top-tier device, and slashed it in half and shrank it a bit, you’d get the Roku Premiere and Premiere+. The streaming devices are about the length of your index finger and the width of two fingers, making them lightweight and nearly invisible when sitting on an entertainment console while connected to a TV. The front side is a glossy black while the flat back side holds an HDMI port and the power port.

The Premiere devices basically replace the old Roku 2 and Roku 3 devices, all of which took up more space with their boxier designs. For those who don’t want a device as big or expensive as the Roku Ultra, they can get either the Premiere or the Premiere+, both of which have quad-core processors and support HD, 4K, and 4K HDR streaming.

The ability to accept voice commands differentiates the Premiere+ from the Premiere: the former comes with Roku’s voice remote, allowing users to press a button and say things like “show me stand-up comedy” and “show me TV dramas.” Voice control is a feature that has become ubiquitous across entertainment tech, pa

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