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Set them aside —

Matchmaking update would pair players against those with the same peripherals.

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Who says mobile players are at a disadvantage?

A decent part of Fortnite‘s meteoric success has been the capability for players on non-Sony platforms to play the game with friends regardless of what console, mobile phone, or PC everyone is using. One side effect of that system, though, is that it pits players using handheld controllers or imprecise touchscreen controls against those using the more precise aiming of a keyboard and mouse.

Developer Epic now says it will be taking steps to account for this potential imbalance soon. Community Manager JustMooney1 writes on Reddit that the company is “working on some matchmaking tech… that’ll pair you against folks based on your choice of peripherals,” meaning users playing with a keyboard and mouse will go against others using the same control scheme. Further down the Reddit thread, another Epic representative promises that more details will be available next week.

Currently, the PS4 is the only console that officially supports mouse-and-keyboard controls for Fortnite—that support was recently restored after being inadvertently disabled in a recent update. Xbox One players can currently use third-party adapters such as the XIM4 to get those controls working on the console, as Microsoft continues to work on long-promised official mouse-and-keyboard support.

For now, Microsoft says it offers developers API tools that can detect (and potentially segregate) players using XIM-style mouse-and-keyboard tools. That could be important, as the console versions of Fortnite are tuned to support aim assistance for players using standard controllers.

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