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Kill 2, tear 2 —

A grappling hook slapped onto a super shotgun? Only in Doom.

  • The trailer ended with this tantalizing tease of Doomguy busting out a brand-new sword.

    id Software

  • It was hard to capture in still-image form, but this is how the grappling hook works: when you have the super shotgun equipped, you can latch a chain onto a foe and either pull yourself toward them or use their weight as a swinging point to whip around in a circular pattern.

  • Hell on Earth.

  • Hell on Phobos.

  • This freak again?

  • “Glory kills” return, and they’re as gross as ever. Open wide, buddy.

  • Chainsaw time.

  • You didn’t need that eye, did you?

  • Ugh, I’m reloading here.

  • The new Ballista gun shoots two laser-like bolts at foes, which somehow insert an explosive into creatures that they hit.

  • A nice moment in the demo, showing off a giant portal that’s loosing even more demons onto your battlefield.

Friday’s QuakeCon keynote included a 15-minute Doom Eternal gameplay premiere, showing off the idTech7 engine in action for the first time. As predicted after its E3 tease, this sequel will follow Doom II‘s lead from 1994 and bring the new series’ demons and terrors of Hell to Earth.

The gameplay sequence confirms that Doom Eternal will further emphasize movement and explosive weaponry, and the most noticeable change comes from a new super shotgun that doubles as a grappling hook. With this weapon equipped, aim until a small skull icon turns golden in your field of view, at which point you can extend a chain and either zip yourself toward a particular demon or use its body to swing yourself in a circular motion around it.

Doomguy also comes equipped with two new weapons by default: a retractable blade on his left wrist and a shoulder-mounted flamethrower. In practice, the latter looks like a solid option to pester a crowd of foes rushing you at once, while the former just adds more gore and amputation possibilities to the game’s “glory kill” mechanic (in which rushing a foe and pummeling them to death feeds your health bar, but at the cost of potentially getting crowded by other nearby foes).

Should the game’s aggressive AI and huge monster counts not be challenge enough, p

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