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Alright, we are going to unbox the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, or, more specifically, we are going to unbag it.
I have just gotten back to the scene at the office from the Samsung Note 9 launch event.
I don’t even know what’s in this bag, so we’re going to do this together.
First thing we have is a rugged protective cover with a kickstand for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It is drop tested To military standard.
This is not gonna come in the box for everyone.
This is just sort of a special gift bag for reviewers.
But still kind of cool to see this if you get this phone.
You know this is a case you might want to buy.
Next we have ooh the wireless charger duo.
Okay I’m gonna put The phone.
There is the phone in here.
I don’t even know which color I got, but let’s take a look at this wireless charger duo first.
So, this was something Samsung announced on stage and is a brand new wireless charger because, of course, the Note9 does support wireless charging.
But Samsung also announce a Galaxy Watch so this is going to basically give you the capability to charge two devices at the same time.
It could be two phones it could also be the phone and a smart watch like the Galaxy Watch.
So we’re going to just open this.
here, umm, so I don’t know that much about the charger.
I did see it, I know that it sells in black and in white and that it’s got a 15 watt charging output.
I also know that there is a stand, ok here we go, we got it in white, clearly.
So this is the platform I was mentioning before, it says fast charge on here.
Wireless charger, I don’t really know whats in here A quick start guide,
Yeah, this is the charging cable.
So this is adaptive fast charging.
This is basically what comes in the box, and to charge this guy up.
Because you don’t charge the charger, that’s what you plug into the wall.
So you would plug This portion into the wireless charger.
And then you plug in the wall charger and that’s what gives this power.
Is there anything else in here?
And we don’t need this.
We don’t need this.
We don’t need this.
Okay, so there is a plastic film on the top and all around it.
And all right, so what we’re looking at ultimately?
There’s a little plastic on the sides here too, I don’t like that stuff, let’s get rid of it.
All right, so what we’re looking at again, this is compatible with any device that is chain-abled, so that’s pretty much all of them these days.
Okay, I’ve gone ahead and I’ve charged this up, just so you can see what it’s supposed to look like.
Again, this is an after market wireless charger that you have to buy yourself, it doesn’t come when you buy the Note 8. So I’ve got the Galaxy S9+ and we set it down, and voila, it charges.
And if we put it down on this fast charging space, there we go, works perfectly.
I think it’s time to unbox the note 9 now don’t you?
So let’s see is there anything else in this bag?
Nope just a great little tote bag.
Okay so I don’t I do know what color I have because we’ve got the yellow pen.
So this means this is the ocean blue color with the contrasting yellow pen.
There are three other nine colors as well.
One is just basic black.
We’ve got sort of like this metallic copper color.
And then we have lavender purple.
I did see that one and it was really pretty too but this the one that’s definitely going to stand out.
So we’ve got the shiny yellow S pin on the front.
I’ve got the 128 gigabyte version.
There’s also one with 512 gigabytes of storage, which is absolutely huge and it costs a lot more.
And then we’ve got this sort of blue color on the outside.
So Samsung boxing has been pretty staid lately, so it’s nice to see that they’re doing something a little bit more interesting and unique that speaks to the phone design.
Let’s see, here we go.
There’s a little arrow that shows you this is the way to unbox it.
It just opens up.
I just wanna do that again, that’s just nice.
So we’ve got that blue accent color as well inside of the box.
It really makes you feel like there’s a cohesive unit to this phone.
And we’ve got the very typical SIM card ejector tool.
Eject pin, and some information about the phone.
Very little, I think it’s actually, there’s a little bit more information about the phone here.
Just kinda tells you how to set it up.
All right, now time to tip out the note 9, here it is.
I’m gonna come back to this.
I wanna see what else is in the box first.
So far pretty typical of the Samsung boxes.
We’ve got adaptive fast charging, we’ve got a USB connector tool.
Open up this little compartment, there are a bunch of goodies in here.
We’ve got our charging cable, USB-C.
AKG headphones.
These look, actually, a little bit shinier than what I got in the box with the S9 Plus.
Of course, the Note 9 has a headphone jack.
…so you’ll be able to plug that right in, and it looks like there are volume controls on these headphones too.
Put the ear buds off to the side.
This is usually, Samsung says it’s a $100 value.
And what else?
Got some little penny clippy things, and some different ear bud ear tip sizes.
And that it is.
That is literally everything.
Here we have the Note 9 and everybody’s favorite part, pulling off this plastic.
Which comes in two different parts.
So already when I’m holding the Note 9, I see the color, this ocean blue color seeping around the edges, around this black screen.
And it looks really cool.
And it’s got lot of like rich deep color and Taking the sticker off the back.
I don’t like those either.
All these stickers here, Let’s get all these guys out so that we can appreciate what the actual phone looks like.
These stickers of course To protect the finish while the phone is being shipped.
This is pretty much what your Note 9 will look like completely out of the box.
And there Is that contrasting bright yellow S Pen.
And when you write on the screen in the specific mode, your digital ink will turn up yellow, the same color as this S Pen too.
Okay, so here is the Galaxy Note 9 next to the Samsung Galaxy S9+.
Same camera set-up but the Note 9 is a slightly bigger phone.
We’ve got many more Galaxy Note 9 videos coming on the line including a full review so stay tuned and thanks for watching.

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