Hexbyte – Science and Tech Spotify have teamed with Ancestry for a new playlist concept

Hexbyte – Science and Tech

[Image via: Mixmag]

Genealogy giant Ancestry have teamed up with streaming service Spotify for a project that’s honestly pretty cool. The two have come together to get you in touch with music that speaks to your culture and background.

Ancestry have made it so that when you sign up for the program, sending in your saliva and what not they’ll input the data to Spotify. In turn it’ll select a bunch of tracks that will reflect the cultures of your ancestors and mixed in with your listening habits will create what they’ve coined as your ‘musical DNA’.

This idea came as an attempt by Ancestry to help people “experience their culture and not just read about it” and what says experience more than listening to tracks that resonate with your cultural history?

Check out the full service here, at $99 USD there’s probably better ways to spend your money, but if you’re using Ancestry anyway, why not?

[Via: Mixmag]

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