Hexbyte – Science and Tech Destiny 2 Players Have Spent Over 25 Hours Just Deleting Shaders

Hexbyte – Science and Tech

By Tyler Fischer

Hexbyte - Science and Tech destiny 2
(Photo: Bungie)

Ever sit there while you delete shader upon shader upon shader just how many shaders players have deleted in Destiny 2? Well, according to Bungie, 807,635,124 shaders have been deleted in the game since launch. One by one.

As you may know, one of the most hated changes Destiny 2 made on its predecessor was how shaders work in the game. And what has made the blunder on Bungie’s behalf even worse, is just how tedious it is to sift through your unwanted shaders and delete them to non-existence. The process is too common, too tedious, and takes too long when you add it all up.

Now, 807,635,124 is a huge number. Like, that’s a ton of ugly and homeless shaders. And with such a huge number comes an even greater commitment to rid inventory spaces around the world of these shaders. And the Destiny 2 community hasn’t shied away from the challenge.

To date, according to one Reddit user’s calculations, players have collectively spent 25.6 years just deleting shaders. That’s right, in the same amount of time, Sony would have released The Last Guardian and two sequels. 25.6 years. Deleting shaders. Traveler, help us all.

I personally haven’t took my Guardian out for a spin in quite some time, but I do vividly, painfully, remember deleting shaders. It was one of many low-points of Destiny 2 at launch, and one of numerous points that drove me and many others away from it not too long after release. Having to delete shaders one by one wasn’t an egregious issue, but it was a tedious one. And plodding game design choices add up, and in this specific case, are even harder to swallow when you consider the other issues with shaders in the game.


The sacrifices of countless guardians weren’t in vain though. Bungie will be addressing the issue with a bulk delete option in an update that will hit later this month. It only took 25 years of struggle, but Bungie is finally putting an end to the biggest threat to earth’s last frontier: bad shaders.

Destiny 2 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For more on the game, click here.

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