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Image credit: NASA/Aubrey Gemignani

The three will spend over six months on the space station.

NASA/Aubrey Gemignani

The three crew members aboard the Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft have safely arrived at the International Space Station after launching from Kazakhstan earlier today. Anne McClain of NASA, David Saint-Jacques of the Canadian Space Agency and Oleg Kononenko of Roscosmos are all getting settled on board the ISS following a six-hour journey. This was the first crewed launch of a Soyuz rocket since an equipment malfunction caused astronaut Nick Hague and cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin to abort their launch and engage an emergency landing in October.

.@AstroAnnimal, @Astro_DavidS and Oleg Kononenko are welcomed aboard the International @Space_Station when the hatches between their spacecraft and the orbiting laboratory officially opened at 2:37pm ET today. Learn more: https://t.co/FRrjhIw77o pic.twitter.com/Jln4vpTlc7

— NASA (@NASA) December 3, 2018

The crew arrived at the ISS at 12:33 PM Eastern and the hatch between their spacecraft and the space station opened a little over two hours later. The three will spend more than six months on the ISS conducting hundreds of science experiments.

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